Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #101

Grand Finale

Well guys all good things must come to an end. These past two years
have been some of the best and hardest years of my life. But the good
always outweighs the bad. I've learned so many things these past
couple of years I cannot write them all down but here are a couple...
I would probably have to say patience was one of the hardest, but most
useful things I've had to learn on my mission. I always thought that
patience just kind of meant sitting around waiting for God to do it for
you. I learned later on though that patience is working the hardest
you can and thinking about this goal or this "something" that you want
and being patient for God to grant it to you.
Understanding as well that every decision we make, good or evil has an
impact on someone. The result of this action might not be immediate
but there is always an impact wether it be in 5 mins or 10 years down
the road. As well as making decisions knowing that if you have the
Holy Ghost with you everything you do is inspired. I will share
experiences I had on my mission during my homecoming talk.
I also liked a quote that was given this General Conference, "Your
direction is more important than your speed." As long as our spiritual
sights are focused in on the right things the rest doesn't matter, nor does it
matter what everybody else says. I realized the importance of setting goals
on my mission too.
Also life will always have its ups and downs, but the way you handle
these moments is all that matters. God never said it'd be easy but it's
possible. I liked a quote by Jeffrey R. Holland that says simply
"Salvation never was easy.” He then goes on to talk about Jesus and
was it easy for Jesus? I'll let you decide ;)
Like I said I've learned a million life lessons on my mission, these
were just some I felt like sharing with you guys.

Weekly Update: (I might skip some days because I've already written a lot!)

This week we had a zone activity Elder McBride and I "created” - I
guess you can say...we took our zone bowling. We created this super
sweet gift bag filled with junk we found in our apartment (a white
belt, dragon tie, old tie die shirt, a mug, coin jar, etc…) and people
won prizes during bowling it was a lot of fun! We also went porting
and found an African family who is super interested and found 3 new
amis because of them! We went back and taught them about Joseph Smith
and it was super awesome. We also got an apartment inspection and
passed. The next day the lady below us told us she's sueing us
because our apartment is leaking water and ruined her ceiling... (I'm
glad to get outta here haha) We played basketball with some amis and
members. Max, one of our amis told me he's coming to Utah and wants
me to baptize him and he wants to get married in the SLC temple which was cool.
Sunday we found a guy while we were walking to church, he told us he was
actually looking for church! He came to all 3 hours and gave us his
address and phone number super nice guy. Good week to end the mission

Thank you all for all that you have done for me these past two years.
Thank you for every prayer, email, letter, or package that you ever
sent to me - it really did mean a lot. I hope to see everyone of you
soon and catch up on old times :) Keep it funky.

Elder Beck

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